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E-mail notifications in Webcon BPS
11.03.2021 14:35

Currently there's no option to manage e-mail notifications in Webcon BPS.
It would be a nice feature for users to be able to manage from which process / step they want to receive notifications and from which not. Just like they can personalize portal main page.
Now if user are assigned to a lot of applications, it usually create mail rule in it's mail client which move all notifications to one place, which provides to situation when some really important notifications are missed by users.

19.05.2021 15:22

In reply to: We have started a project covering the needs described- but for mass notifications only.

The option for email notification from the level of user setttings menu seems to me as an obvious option (MUST) in such an application.

Simple turn on/off switch should be accessible in the same way as "substitutions"