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Blocking access based on login NOT NOW



Blocking access based on login.
Situation related to last webconaday :).
Suddenly, there was a need to block access to the webcon BPS platform for a specific user.
The situation was a bit more complicated because the user could not be deactivated at the AD level.
Of course, it can be done, but it requires analyzing data, ad groups, places on configuration forms where such a person can be indicated as a functional person, etc.
Maybe it would be good to implement the option at the administrative level in the studio to be able to indicate specific logins, maybe ad/bps groups, for which access to the webcon bps portal would be blocked.
I think that such a solution would also be advisable for data security reasons, it would make it possible to cut off the user and give him time to make complete changes to the system.

On the other hand, it may be worth considering a mechanism that also works the other way round, i.e. access only for defined logins.
What I mean here are situations of administrative work, service work, etc.
For other logins, a message would be displayed, e.g. no access, service work, or the possibility of defining the message.


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