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Advanced Word generation using Aspose Template syntax


Hi everyone,

the current option to generate word documents with the Word AddIn is great for a lot of use cases. We did a little PoC and we noticed that we could cover even more if there would be a "power user" option.

The generation used the Aspose library which supports a template syntax. This allows to write code inside the word document to generate more sophisticated documents.

- Instead of rendering item list/ data tables as tables in word we could generate "chapters"
- Chapters could contain other chapters
- Displaying multi line fields with rich text
- Displaying pictures from attachments inside the document
- Conditional displaying information inside the document
- Using the same template from different sources using data tables.

You can find more inspirations here:

Feature requests for this new / updated action would be:
- Accessing all fields, item lists and data rows/column from the template
- Joining multiple documents
- Adding watermark
- Generation of table of content

Best regards,

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