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Concat function handling
01.04.2021 16:47

Dear WebCon Team,

the Concat function is a great advantage for text handling. Unfortunately, it is very hard or let's more say inconvenient, if you forgot a text part. In my understanding it is not possible to replace concat parts or even add text parts before or change there position.



so I would like to say "Happy easter Weekend!"
for this I have to delete Weekend! and type easter and then type again Weekend!

Of course in this case I just have to add it to the text directly, but please imagine in case of the text parts there are attributes.
I am not sure if there is any trick or something to know, but I did not manage to handle it in an easy way.

Would be great if the usage could be more user friendly.
Thanks a lot

Best regards

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01.04.2021 23:59

Hi Thomas,

I had the same problem in addition there were so many elements that I had to scroll. That was the reason why I fell back to the good old sql statement. I'm not sure how the functions work internally but in the best case they would be evaluated in memory without communication with the SQL Server. Therefore I would have liked to go with the new functions.

Depending on the situation it would be an option to delete one parameter and nest another concat function.

Best regards,