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Configuring the SDK with Local Parameter DONE



It would be useful if we could configure the SDK with values from local parameters.
Sometimes we need to send a specific value, for example: a value from an item list or a calculated value, and it is easier and more efficient to save the value in local parameters from an automation rather than saving the value in a physical field. (Usually, these values are needed temporarily and it is not necessary to save them in a field).
Another example : When we create a sdk type business rule and we want to use in a business rule with parameters.


Hi Raluca,

When it comes to local parameters, they can definitely be used in the SDK. For example, you can pass their value from the {AUTP_Value:x} tag to ConfigEditableText or pass their id (AUTP:x) and use the typed collection in the action context like this: args.Context.AutomationParams.GetByID(1).SetValue(value);

As for the SDK business rules, they can also be parameterized. You need to create a global or process rule and create any parameters for it. You can then use these parameters in the sdk configuration using tags as in the screenshots below.