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Improvement to "Validate form": Add "Set focus on control" option
10.05.2021 14:47

Hi everyone,

most of the time an error raised by the "Validate form" action can be fixed by the current user. It would be great if we could have a new configuration option "Focus field" where you can set an expression/field.
When the error is displayed on the form the "Set Focus" action is executed and the configured value selected. I assume that the "Set focus" action already toggles collapsed groups/other tabs.

Best regards,

23.05.2021 00:03

In reply to: Thank you Daniel!

I have built quite a few rules to get that behaviour for the most problematic fields, having it out of the box would improve things a lot! :)

Thanks Christian for mentioning that you did it with form rules. :)

I've come up with a general solution to achieve the intended effect.