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Adding expression editor to new BPS Portal "coding options" IN BACKLOG



with the introduction of BPS Portal we got a few additional options were we can add "code" and where variables from the expression editor would be useful if not even mandatory.
1. Report - SQL Filter, there are a few variables there already
2. Calculated field in Reports and BPS internal view, no option to use existing variables
3. Report - advanced formatting, no options to use existing variables

Why do I think that this would be mandatory?
The path example of advanced colouring will just break on transporting the report to another environment:

This is just a simple example and I have more in mind.

While I can workaround for some variables by writing a SQL in 1 and 2, I have no chance for 3.

I, for my part, would like to have the yellow highlighted variables in the attachment. For example I currently don't have a chance to get the current user language which would be required for my workaround here.

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