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Encrypted fields NOT NOW

Can you please add an option to encrypt fields, and user configure who can decrypt ?
Why ? Becouse, in some business appliactions, administrators not always should be able to see some confidential information send in BPS forms. Senders should decide.


Do not expect that option as a standard in WEBCON BPS. We/you/Partner can do it as an SDK plugin. Why? Because is a lot of questions to answer every time any customer wants to implement such an option:
1. what is an encryption algorithm (symmetrical/asymmetrical).
2. Where encryption keys are stored?
3. What kind of encryption keys should we use? Password, individual password, certificate (what kind of certificate), hardware token etc...
4. What about the backup/restore procedure?
5. Do you want a disaster recovery scenario for encryption.
6. Is there a master key? Who stores such a key?
7. What about the DEV/TEST/PROD scenario?
8. Write your question here ...

We have made a few proof of concepts for our customers, but nobody has answered our questions :(
It is quite easy to implement as an SDK plugin but with a good project.