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Updating 'Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter' version
05.08.2021 10:55


I've run into an 'issue' using the 'Generate a Pdf file' action.

I used 'new' HTML / CSS features which haven't been supported or even been available by the provided version of the 'Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter' engine.

WEBCON BPS utilizes version 7, while the current version is 15.

As far as I could find out version 7 dates back to 18 Feb 2012.

Version 15 has been released on 28 Oct 2019

There have been quite a lot of improvements and updating the version could save others a lot of time.

Minor additional wish :)
Adding a configuration option to automatically create bookmarks, the attachment shows the result:
// Auto Create a hierarchy of bookmarks from H1 to H6 tags found in HTML
if (autoBookmarksCheckBox.Checked)
// Enable the creation of a hierarchy of bookmarks from H1 to H6 tags
htmlToPdfConverter.PdfBookmarkOptions.AutoBookmarksEnabled = true;

// Display the bookmarks panel in PDF viewer when the generated PDF is opened
htmlToPdfConverter.PdfViewerPreferences.PageMode = ViewerPageMode.UseOutlines;

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