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Views of instances
23.08.2021 11:55


We have encountered a 2nd customer asking us for the following functionality: When a user is opening an instance from a report, a list with all the users who viewed the data should be available.

I am not sure how that could be handled when users preview a report, as the reports could contain all the data from the instances. That functionality should probably be added on the reports somehow, but that is just my brain talking loudly.

23.08.2021 12:52

Hi Razvan,

if the customer uses windows authentication you can probably make use of the IIS logs. In this case the user name is part of a log entry, if I remember correctly. You could periodically parse them, write the result to a database and show the results for the current URL.
I'm not sure, whether there is a (support way) to achieve this, if another mechanism is used. I was thinking about adding HttpModules to extract the name from the token, but than this is a .net core application. I've no idea if this would even be possible.

I'm linking a similar request:

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