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Webcon Portal - export to Excel from Data table bug?
27.08.2021 10:20

Data table attribute gives opportunity to export containing data to Excel using its default configuration, the sole problem is it can only export top 1000 rows, when its quite common to display bigger chunks of data in that form field. Documentation that redirects to below website doesn't mention anything about such limit:


I am aware of alternatives such as user actions / sdk, but it is about using built-in functionality that ensures consistency and is ready to go with a single click.

Tested on version 2021.1.3.205.

27.08.2021 11:35

See https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/40/15

it is actually 999 lines and one line for the header ;)

Webcon tagged the request with "not now".

We had the same issues. I guess it has something to do with server ressources, and users being able to crash the server when exporting huge data-sets. Problem I had here is that it is not documented anywhere, and you cannot raise the limit.

We solved it with an external ETL tool (FME) parametrized workspace that is triggered from a button in webcon, extracts the data with the filter parameters directly from the DB and downloads the resulting excel sheet to the browser.