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Subworkflow SQL - Saving the ID
08.09.2021 16:03

When the user sets up a Subworkflow using the SQL version, it's not possible to save the ID of the instance created. This is only allowed doing other type of actions and most of the times returning Concurrency Errors in the system.

This is allowed already in the Subworkflow normal version.

15.09.2021 10:01

In my cases, the source data for the initial form data of subworkflows started via SQL, is usually kept in an itemslist. I'm storing the row-id (DET_ID) in a technical field of the subworkflow.
When the subworkflow has been started, i'm writing the workflow-id back to the itemslist row. The write-back is done via SQL Update statement. This way i have a link from itemslist row to the subworkflow and back.
However, the approach with SQL update statement does not provide a history of changes. But until now, i never had the requirement to have this history.
In cases you need to maintain history of changes, it would be better to update the row via the Rest-API.