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Damian Kołomyjski


Thank you Karol

Hi all, do you have any information where are kept the covers in the database on the 2023 version?

Send file by Rest API
20.10.2023 07:59

Hi everyone, I'm trying to prepare an action that will send a file via the API. From the Postman app it works (screen below). How can I configure the rest API action to make the file dispatch mechanism work as in postman?

Truncated e-mail preview
11.09.2023 22:06

Hello, do you know if it's possible to expand the email message preview area on the form (file .eml)? Currently, the email message in the preview is cut off. You can see it in the footer.

Hello Piotr, great solution! Can you explain in details how you did it? regards Damian

Hi, It's only possible in 2021 or later version. Here you have a related case: https://community.webcon.com/forum/thread/2183

Collapse attachments
11.04.2022 17:42

Hi, maybe it can be done with some JS? But you will need some java script specialist - do we have someone like that on the forum?

Hi Adam, I work with Webcon based on SQL Web edition and it works without any problem.

Dear Webcon, do you have any ideas about speed up the report performance in newer version?

Hi everyone, In version 2021 of BPS Designer does not allow to run designer on the server on two different users (on two different connections to server). I get a resource usage error (in picture). Do you have an idea how to deal with it? Alternatively: I tried to start BPS Designer locally but I

Hi, Please try to install ASP.NET Core 2.1 from below link: https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/cf7b17e3-ed6d-4ded-8ae6-9f83ffaaca98/9d2ca844baa4a4a9ed83861ffc8e293e/dotnet-hosting-2.1.30-win.exe I had a similar case and it helped me Regards

Hi, I get an error when trying to sync with a domain: Unable to find Net Bios Name for domain. With synchronization of another domain there is not problem. The permissions have been added. Have any of you had a similar problem? Log below: Download Active Directory data: - An error occurred

I have the same error in version: 2021.1.4.55 When user have permissions to specific company then it is not possible to add new attachement to new document. When I add him permission to "General" tab it works correctly - but its not a solution. We works in stand alone version. I enclose picture wit

Change color of checkboxes
16.10.2021 09:24

Hi, In version 2021.1.4 there was a new checkbox border color (blue). Do you know a way to restore neutral color e.g. black?

Gantt chart in a process
03.01.2021 22:24

Hello, Do you know the possibility how to place a gantt chart in a process that was not created as a "Vacation" by template? I have columns: "person", "date from" and "date to"