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hi in my firm, i came across an issue with communicating with the analyst/business. We are taking instructions from them we develop them on dev enviroment and then we push the changes to production. The issue is that business is making several requests and we would love to let them know how is the

In our team we have came across an issue as above and I am wondering is it possible in version 21 or version 23 to send the text messages on the phone to the users?

That is not clearing my question, as i am aware how to build custom mails. However, I do not know if it is possible that inside the custom email, I want to link the instance to the current object, while the user will be clicking on the path in a workflow.and i do not want to create a glbal email, r

Is it possible to create custom email that sends the information to the autor with the link to the element when user clicks on the path? If yes how so

Implementing function random
21.06.2023 11:43

How in buisness rule I can implemement function random my buisness rule? I want to set the form field randomly out of 3 choices

That is not what I meant. The user is changing the field, I want by action to check if such field has been changed on the form, so I can trigger another action.

Hi, I have a form on which I want to have an action that trigers after the fields has change, what kind of action I can add? For instace in workflow I have element called 'start' with form fields : text : dupa Number : 1000 user makes some changes in those field, after that i want to tri

restricting the int/float
25.10.2022 15:11

Is it possible to restrict the integer/float to 100 mln?

Date difference
24.08.2022 15:45

Hi, I have a formfield where I have a starting date and I have the form field with the end date. How can I calculate the diffrence in days between this days?

I have a workflow when I have a branch that's check whether user ticked the box 'yes' or 'no'. If user ticks the box yes - the workflow goes to the postivie finished step. However, I needed to configure the task creation, and that worflow stays as a user task . How do I omit the user task creation?

Hello, I have a form that has a 5 steps. On each step I have a form field that has 4 options('statuses') : open,closed, opened-again, in-progess. I want to have the value open in first 3 steps, than on step 4 i want to have a status 'closed'. How do I make the step depend on the field?