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Demo applications
19.11.2023 23:48

Hi Where can I find demo app to download for webcon version 2023?

WEBCON 2023 and SQL 2022
08.08.2023 10:42

Hello Does Webcon 2023 work with SQL 2022? Native or with compatibility db level 2019?

How to get Freemium license
24.12.2022 11:20

That's right. I received after multiple mailings of the form over the next few (3-5) days. Less than a year ago, I remember that there was an option to create an account as part of the free version of WEBCON. Currently, as I see, the process of issuing free licenses is slower - manually.

How to get Freemium license
18.12.2022 20:19

Hello How to get license for Freemium version of WEBCON? On https://starter.webcon.com/sign-up/ there is no place for login as before (1 year ago) PS. CONTACT US TO GET STARTED > No response

Import demo applications
10.10.2022 23:13

Nope. No new solution/workaround.

23.02.2022 20:51

Yes and no :) Of course, the official and binding message should come from the manufacturer, but I treat this forum as an interesting place to exchange not only technical knowledge but also opinions, observations, arguments and counter-arguments :) etc. It is also true that in the vast majority

22.02.2022 12:16

Can WEBCON be used as a pseudo tool: task scheduler, ETL, orchestration of other services? Where defined processes and applications do not require user interaction (although such a possibility always exists), and the applications themselves are triggered cyclically or are started as a result of som

22.02.2022 11:30

Whether as part of defined Actions (via TSQL or SDK extensions) on the workflow process path can I perform operations on the Content database (e.g. deleting some previously entered records, e.g. with comments or attachments)? One of many examples is a cyclical action that deletes data from

22.02.2022 11:22

I admit that I usually do not read the EULA of the software, but this time I made an exception and after reading I have a lot of questions and doubts about the possible scenarios of using the application in both the Express and Enterprise versions. It will be a rather long thread as there will be

ad1 thanks for link, very helpful ad2 yeap... but I'm so lazy :) but seriously, I did not know that so much (redundant) data is generated in so many places. The deeper into the forest, the darker it becomes.

Can anyone recommend some good calculator or formula to calculate the database size increment for demo applications and N users over time? Condition (no attachments are uploaded) something like: application A or B * user or process * month = yMB data size Rather, it is an order of magnit

After login: on website https://starter.webcon.com/get-it-for-free/ there is no information about the available version for download. There is also no notification or subscription :( We will find out exactly what version of the application we have downloaded only after unpacking the downloade

Import demo applications
18.02.2022 13:14

It bothered me. I have analyzed hundreds of classes and based on this:DashboardServicesDataProvider in namespace WebCon.WorkFlow.Base.DataHelpers.Dashboard found that if I update: update [WEBCON_BPS_Config].[dbo].[ServiceActivityInfos] set [SAI_IsInSafeMode] = 0 and then restart service

Import demo applications
18.02.2022 09:11

Sure, got it. I thought it didn't matter much, especially when it was in the Ent. versions there are separate environments (test, dev) and somehow the import is magically possible with an option to overwrite it, and it is not limited to the 1st attempt only. anyway.... I give up. I did a new cl

Import demo applications
17.02.2022 22:35

OK, be my guest. :] But you did not answer the essence of the question :/? Is there any workaround or not for this specific case?

Import demo applications
17.02.2022 20:35

"somehow I got the impression that you just installed the system so I mentioned the uninstall option." you are right :) regarding the EXPRESS Edition issue, I did a thorough research at the source:] while debugging the problem on the code layer* I discovered many interesting conditions, fo

Import demo applications
17.02.2022 20:20

"It is possible to use "Enterprise" installer but you have to skip Attachment database creation step during the installation." Yeap, I thought so too, and so did. thx.

Import demo applications
17.02.2022 20:19

OK. I work on hyper-v lab and have some snapshot's so this is not a problem with recovery or back to previous version bu... I took it as a challenge ... which I accepted :] experience - the sum of my failures :)

any update ? Has it been resolved?

Import demo applications
17.02.2022 17:10

At this stage, I would skip the import problem and focus on the log error: No license for fronton What does it mean and what is it caused by? What is this component - fronton? I can see that I am not the first and probably the last one with this problem. As of version 2022, there are alread