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Hi Patryk, Of course, just write condition for column which contain cell 2 (Permissions -> Column edit restrictions -> Value of Column containing Cell 1 = 1). General condition = whole column disabled. Row dependent condition = one "cell" disabled. Ondrej

Fields of the time type
14.12.2023 16:20

Hello, I do not want to start new thread in this topic. In WEBCON, please consider also change of standard Date Time functionality, as time setting is easy to overlook for new users.

The same behavior on version 2022.1.4.127

Item list - rules in 2021
27.11.2023 16:17

Hi In item list, try to use ITEM list functions... GET ROW VALUE , FOR EACH ROW etc.

Item list - rules in 2021
27.11.2023 16:16

Hi In item list, try to use ITEM list functions... GET ROW VALUE , FOR EACH ROW etc.

Thank you, I put the picture to dictionary process. With a bit of work with picture sizing to fit field size I am OK. Solved.

Hi Maksymilian, Yes, you identified correctly the form field description as was writing about. I was thinking that it is possible, as form field description accepts HTML code. I had to put there a table, so I converted the table to HTML code and It was working as I needed. Anyhow, would be ni

Hello community I have to have in form field description text and picture. Is it possible? If yes, where to store and how to call the picture? Example will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hello, I have item list with few rows and few columns, one is the column field type: Yes/No choice. I would like to save instance on Yes/No choice field change. I put to the field style and behavior – Form rule to be executed on value change – MOVE TO NEXT STEP XYZ. The XYZ path is starting and en

ITEM list row coloring
31.10.2023 11:28

Karol, thank you. The TRY_CAST('{xxxxxx}' AS DECIMAL(6,2)) > 20 works best for me.

ITEM list row coloring
27.10.2023 17:28

Hello, thank you. Text string is working, but I have still problems where to put ' ' if comparing Number.

ITEM list row coloring
27.10.2023 12:20

Hello community, I am trying to color whole ITEM list rows with SQL query. I followed, the article https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/coloring-the-background-of-the-item-list/195/3 but even the simplest SQL query (same than in article) generates the error (see figures enclosed). Any idea what

Daniel Thank you, it works.

Hello community. I wrote SQL query for On timeout – Insert condition (SQL). My query is returning true value, but action is not working. See figure for details. Any idea what could be the problem? Thank you.

Hi There are some knowledge base articles where figures are not correctly displayed e.g. https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/the-picture-form-field/32 https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/wfelementdetails-table-description/34 and more. Could you please correct it? I tried various bro

Raluca, Karol, It is working now, the problem was as you pointed in Form type and object instead of value. Thank you very much, Regards Ondrej

Hi Raluca, I can not find the form fields from Dictionary process in Values (And now, It even makes sense to me). This was one of the reasons, why I asked community. Therefore I can not elaborate single subworkflow, as I need a values for it. Thank you Ondrej

Hi Karol, see the details in pic. Thank you Ondrej

Karel, Raluca Thank you for you hints. While trying to provide more details / describe more clearly the problem, I did some progress and SQL query is returning column with users. Unfortunately I still missing something, as I have error behavior. I hope picture is explanatory enough. Regards, Ond

Hello community, I am building application with one Dictionary process, and one standard process with 2 workflows. I would like to start second workflow many times as subworkflow of fist workflow and assign it to the several users/users groups (one per subworkflow) selected from Dictionary