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   PDF version As we develop WEBCON BPS we strive to march in lockstep alongside other platform products i.e. Windows Server, SQL, SharePoint, etc. We do our best to maintain backward compatibility with older versions of these platforms to accommodate our diverse client base and their preferences. However, as the publishers end support for their aging products, so must we.

(...) Applies to version: 2022.1.x and above, author: Krystyna Gawryał   Introduction Microsoft Outlook is one of the basic tools used by office workers. Outlook Classic and Outlook Modern add-ins are responsible for its integration with WEBCON BPS Portal. They allow users to access their tasks, view the contents of selected forms, and use many other Portal features from within their e-mail corresponde (...)

Applies to version: 2022.1.x and above; author: Krystyna Gawryał   Introduction The overarching idea of workflow in WEBCON BPS is to exchange written information between system users and perform related tasks, such as reading, updating or modifying data on a form. Documentation in the workflow consists not only of workflow instances and filled out forms, but also files with various