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Hello Daniel, You're right, the default page is 1 and the size is 20. There is no max size limit per request for now, but for performance reasons the suggested approach is to set the size to 1000 and then use the href link for the next page. If you reach the end of the data, you will not receive another link to the next page in the response.

(...) Hello, how to bypass requirement with required field using Rest api. Even admin mode does not disable this requirement.

(...) HI, Maybe try adding a condition on the attribute to make it mandatory, depending on author, current user. Or use a separate path for the api, or send some parameter to the technical field that will control the requirement. I don't know what your exact scenario is. Regards.

(...) Hi Radek, maybe you can use the form rule "Mark required" instead of the field matrix / requirdness definition on the field. The form rules aren't applied to the REST api while the others are. Best regards, Daniel

(...) Hello, Does anyone has a rest api configured to access Sales Force? I have a connection and I use it in a process but I'm getting the data from Opportunities. I would like to bring in a specific report. I've checked how to do this and I came up with this query using the GET /services/data/v52.0/analytics/reportTypes/Opportunity But when I use the field as a Data table in order to check the inf (...)

I want to use "Invoke rest web service request" action and in response I don't have json but message in Header: Response-Code: Forbidden (403) Response-Body: {"type":"/challenge","title":"Challenge requested","status":403,"detail":"Request to perform challenges described","instance":"fe66c6a2-2cc5-42f9-a4ce-96bea7cd716b"} Response-Header: Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2023 07:06:57 GMT Connectio

Hi, status":403" this means that you/the user or the application in the context of which you are making the request does not have permissions to the given resource from which you want to receive data. Regards

yes, but in response like I show in post, in header I have x-challenge, and i need it in next request. i can serve 4XX error in "Error response" tab in "Invoke REST Web service' action.

Reading headers from the response is possible by mapping parameters in the form H:headerParamName

(...) Hi, You can also use our REST api to edit elements. Thanks to this, you can use tools such as Postman Runner or write your own script that will iterate through the collections of elements and on each of them will go the desired path.

(...) on the report was returned but without rows without impersonation. I even granted the APP business administrator privileges without success. Using impersonation worked though. Regards, Daniel let api_url = "http://*.cosmoconsult.com", token_path = "/api/login", Content = "{'clientId':'4c01c4fb-9b82-4912-b410-5e54ef352e2b','clientSecret':'*','impersonation': { 'login': '*' } }", Token_R (...)

(...) In the release notes of WEBCON BPS 2021 the new option of using the openid authentication flow is mentioned. However, i did not find an option to use this authentication when calling Rest api's. https://webcon.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/WEBCON-BPS-2021-New-Release-Overview.pdf Did i miss something or is it not yet released?

(...) The OpenID authentication in WEBCON BPS 2021 can be used for "standard"user authentication only. Rest api, Data sources etc.. will be extended in next releases of WEBCON BPS.

(...) nd what you have already verified: 1. You are using the designer from the installation file on your client and not the one provided as a downloaded option from the portal? The later one uses the REST api and is the recommended way. 2. Are you using the same windows user on the server as well as on your client? The "classic" designer uses the user executing the designer..exe for connecting to the dat (...)

(...) anging files: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/adding-attachments-to-onedrive/183 Does that help? There is also another post here in the forum about adding attachments to Google Drive via REST api. I know it's a different platform, but maybe it's the right direction to implement it. I don't have a SharePoint version so I can't test it out.

(...) ful. You have to add users to the "BPS Users list". You can do it manually (user by user), import from Excel file, create user by dedicated workflow with "create BPS user" action or create user using api. Then you can grant permission for such a user for any application.

(...) functionality that would be required to fullfill the requirements are already there (Export to excel) and there is no need to reinvent the whole architecture of reporting. To generate the excel the api /api/db/1/app/7/report/2/export is called. To call an sdk action it could be something like /api/db/1/app/7/report/2/sdk/{actionId}.

(...) Hi all! I am new to WebCon BPS. I wonder if it is possible to get all items of a process or a datasource/dictionary defined in BPS from client side via REST api. In SharePoint I did something like this: _api/web/lists/getbytitle('MyList')/items?select=Title... This does not seem to be possible with BPS REST api or at least I did not find it ;-) I am thankful for every hint pushing me into the r (...)