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WEBCON BPS Authorization Service in 2022 R3

WEBCON BPS Authorization Service is being phased out starting from WEBCON BPS 2022 R3.

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WEBCON BPS latest version

Current build: 2022.1.3.47

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[SECURITY] Apache Solr affected by Apache Log4J CVE-2021-44228

Response to CVE-2021-44228 and how to manually replace log4j2 files.

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WEBCON BPS - some digressions on sizing

This article explores the challenges of sizing and scaling the WEBCON BPS platform

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Platform compatibility roadmap

We do our best to maintain backward compatibility with older versions of these platforms to accommodate our diverse client base and their preferences. However, as the publishers end support for their aging products, so must we.

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WEBCON BPS Designer Desk

This article describes the concept of WEBCON BPS Designer Desk and presents how it can be operated to include business users in the design process.

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Developer Portal

WEBCON Business Process Suite is a comprehensive platform to efficiently manage documents and business processes in every company. It is also very expandable thanks to a set of APIs available in the system. BPS provides two different API types. The SDK extensions registered as plugins and run within the system while the workflow is being processed. Second is a Web API that enables running operations on elements within the BPS system from external systems.

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Webinars on demand

Can’t make a live session with one of the WEBCON BPS experts? Browse our on-demand webinars here.

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