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Content as BASE64


I'm having trouble converting the contents of an attachment to BASE64. On the system step I have a TimeOut that calls the transition path after a minute. In the traversal path, I have an action that calls a web service. The frame uses a business rule to convert the content of the attachment to Base64 (the business rule returns the text value of the last attachment). When the whole thing is handled by TimeOut, I get the error:

Message=Error executing SQL rule Create Attachment Base64 (Id: 3008)
at: Evaluation requested
at: Evaluation node: AttachmentContentAsBase64
at: Evaluation node: GetAttachments

An error occurred while attempting to replace a variable.

When selecting the transition path manually, the problem does not occur.

What is the problem? My BPS version: 2022.1.4.155

In reply to: Bartłomiej Spyrka (WEBCON)

I suggest to check:
1) if your servicce account is added to cacheorganizationstructure
2) if you can log in as service account and manually use path transition

1. Accounts are domain and visible in the Cache Organization Structure table. Domain accounts only have different OUs to user accounts.
2. I'll check it and let you know.