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Holiday request


in the "Absences" application I have two processes: Employee file, Holiday request.

I wanted to ask you, how do you organize data sources for such a process?

1. Should the source of data be an employee's file with a list of items that reflects holiday leave limits? In this case, each submitted application should update the parent workflow (Employee file), but I am afraid that over time the file will have too many versions. On the other hand, I have change history and actual data.
2. Should the data source be a dedicated database table? In this case, I have to use the "Load by default" option in the directory to update the list of items with holiday limits if I want to see real data. Due to the SQL procedures used in holiday requests, I do not see the update file after a processed holiday request in the history.

Which solution do you use for yourself?


Hi Dariusz,

we used also an Employee file. There was an "holiday leave limit" item list but consist of the column
Year, Days from previous year, Days current year, Extra Days

This was updated only when something happend to the limits or when the next year item list row was created. Of course based on the taken requests.

The holiday requests themselves used a data table:
Day limit for this year, based on the employee file
Planned days, holiday requests in draft in this year
Requested days, requested holidays in this year in the future and not cancelled
Taken days, holidays requests in this year in the past and not cancelled
Remaining available days, calculated based on the above

This way the requestor/approver had a detailed overview about the days.

If you need, you could copy the values from the data table to an item list once the request is approved.

There are probably other options, but I prefer transparency and calculating "volatile" values like taken days at runtime.

Best regards,