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Portal reports: Process columns from multiple worflows?

Hi all.
I have the requirement to create a report that aggregates process columns from multiple workflows.
In the portal report configuration menu from the source tab I can choose multiple processes->workflows.
However, doing so wil only allow me to pick system columns and not process related ones.

Is there a way to surface process columns from across multiple workflows to build the report?



Hi Flo,

since the column WFD_AttText1 could be the title in one process and in another a Comment, it typically doesn't make sense to do this.
The only exception from this is global fields, but these should have the same meaning across all processes they would be selectable.

For your use case though you could add calculated columns.
For example if you want to display a description column and it's stored in difference database column for different form types (processes) you could use the following formula:

(case when WFD_DTYPEID = 29 then WFD_AttLong1
when WFD_DTYPEID = 39 then WFD_AttLong2
else null end)

Since we use the integer form type id here a transport would fail. I have some hopes that this won't be a problem in BPS 2023 any more.

Best regards,