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HTML field type with links appends Portal url

Hi all,
I'm trying to create an HTML field on a form that uses the mailto:-Tag.

So in the HTML I put <a href=”mailto:user@domain.com”>Message Support</a>

However, on the live form this string is appended to the Portal url's pointer to the app->form itself.
Looks like this:

https://webcon.finnova.com/db/1/app/15/element/57427/%E2%80%9D<a href=”mailto:user@domain.com”>Message Support</a>

This way it prevents from opening external links.
Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?

I found another solution via path action "Hyperlink" but this inevitably uses a path Button and I would like to be more flexible, thus the HTML field.

Any idea? Thanks.


Hi Flo,
It's the quote character you've used in the configuration it seems.

I've copied the a tag from your message as is, and got the same behaviour - I'm assuming that you've copied it from the advaced configuration box.

There is this sign ” (0x94) used as quote instead of this: " (0x22).
It's a subtle difference, but they have different ASCII codes - hex values in parenthesis.

If you will modify it as below, then the link will work :)
<a href="mailto:user@domain.com">Message Support</a>

The 0x94 character is not recognised as HTML parser as correct quote, so it's propably treated like a regular text, trying to mimic the behaviour of #name (id) inserted in the a tag.