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SET FOCUS for item list row

Hi! I need your help regarding setting focus on the last row of the item list. Business wants to perform the following scenario. Batch of barcode lables from paper documents are to be scanned with hendheld scanner. Each scanned id is to be inserted into ID column of item list table. Based on the ID some additiona data are to displayed in other columns.
What I have already done is the form rule that ADDs NEW ROW every time the value of ID item list column is changed. It works ok. The problem is that I need the focus to be moved to the newly added row so the next document can be scanned. Unfortunately the focus stays at the first row all the time so the scanned value will go there. There is a SET FOCUS function but it is not working with item lists. Therefore I think I need something similar in order to set the focus on last row of the item list.
Any help much apperciated!
Thank in advance.