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Prevent redirection to dashboard upon form completion


Usually, when a user completes his task he will be redirected to the applications dashboard.
In a particular use case I have revoked access to the dashboard for certain users.
Therefore, upon completion the system attempts to redirect but since there's no permission it will throw an error.
Is this possible to prevent/circumvent?



Hi Flo,

The simplest way to avoid redirection would be to check the Wizard mode checkbox -> https://docs.webcon.com/docs/2023R2/Studio/Workflow/Step/Path/Action_StepEditPathsParameters#7-confirmation.

The where to redirect part is contained in the url -> returnurl=%2Fdb%2F1%2Fapp%2F22%2Fdashboards%2F13.
If there is no returnurl query parameter, then it will redirect straight to application page instead of dashboard/report.