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Issue - Start a subworkflow


We have 3 environments (DEV - TEST - PROD).
We have noticed that in TEST environment the action "Start a subworkflow" does not have the option "Set form field data before defaults evaluation (compatibility mode)" set to visible.
In DEV and PROD this option is visible. I attached some screenshots below.

Can you help me understand why the option is not visible on TEST environment? And what is there to do?

Thank you.


I have checked on multiple environments, and I have discovered the following:
1. That checkbox does not exist on the 2022 version
2. That checkbox does not exist on a freshly installed 2023 version
3. That checkbox only exists on an upgraded version from 2022 to 2023

Probably, that is the case with your environment, too.

I am not sure if that is on purpose or not. Someone from WEBCON might help us with that.