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The default name for the new automation UNDER REVIEW


Maybe it would be a good idea for a new automation to be created by default to receive the name of the element for which it was created.
This would help keep the system tidy, reduce the workload for each time you assign a name,.
And for people who prefer other names, nothing will change because you will have to enter your name anyway.


In reply to: Maksymilian Stachowiak

I've been thinking about it too lately.
It had a purpose to name Actions under single path, but if there is no way to have more automations on path than 1, then I don't see a point in naming them at all.

Default name like that would be good enough :)

The only reason for naming /displaying the automation at all is the documentation.

Would be nice, if the automation uses the same name as the parent object, renaming the parent object would also update the automation. Ok, this could only happen for paths, but I was lazy enough to forget about it. :)