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Generating Excel without headings

Hi all,
Is there any way to export data from Webcon to Excel WITHOUT column headings? Can't see such an option neither in export from data table attribute nor from the report. Can this be done in any way?

In reply to: Michał Ludwiczak

Exactly, I need an Excel file with no headers because this is only accepted by the app I want my users to import this file to. If I only hide them thay will still be there, as you said. Too bad, as this would be easy to program in the designer studio.

Hi Michał,

I only know a part of your use case but I want to let you know of two options I'm aware of:

There's a PowerShell library for working with Excel file which doesn't require excel to be installed. Maybe a PowerShell action could help you in this case. At least, if the App has an API to which you can upload the document from PowerShell. While it would be possible to read / get the Excel file, it will get tricky to write it back, as the workflow will be checked out during the action execution.

The PowerShell uses an old version of a now commercial solution. There's still this .dll around which could be used in an SDK to remove the headers.

Best regards,