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Leave of absence and entries with future dates

Hi everyone,
For a couple of days I've been trying to resolve this issue with no luck, so maybe you will come up with some solution.

The case:
I 've created an application and a process with the use of absence process wizard (the one in the main menu of designer studio). However it is not to be used for absences only, but in a similar way - for presence confirmation. The idea is simple - there is one workflow in this new application in which users confirm they worked in a given date - either in the office (with working hours) or at home or were delegated to some place. There is another, more technical workflow in this app, which gathers the entries from 2 workflows: the one I just mentioned and another one from different application, which is responsible for processing the absences (holiday absences and sick leaves). When the entries are created in this different application (employee adds an absence or HR adds the sick leave) an action creates entries in this presence confirmation technical workflow. So this technical workflow stores the entries providing information when employees were absent and when they were working. So this is really something similar to attendance list (see the attached picture for the example).

My goal is to be able to view all this information on one "vacation chart". All seems to be configured correctly (see the attached picture), but on the chart I only see the entries that have past dates (the ones with future dates and the one from today are not shown). I need the ones from today and the future too! Or at least today, but then the graph should be cofigured so that the last date shown would be today - and this is not possible as then minimum future period you can select in the config is 1 month ahead.
This really confused me, because I have 2 other applications that use the absence process template and there is no such problem (however they were created 3 or 4 years ago, so the process template version could be different back then). All the entries are shown - both the past ones and the future ones, and the workflow template cofiguration uses vacation history and no vacation plans.

Can you please take a look at this and suggest what I'm doing wrong?

EDIT: When I add in the workflow config "vacation plans" data source (with exactly the same elements, but column names according to the requirements of this data source) I see the future elements, but as expected they have no type and thus all are of the same color. Not a solution for me unfortunately.
It is possible in this case to display on one vacation chart both past elements (with colors and legend, but no link to the elements) and future elements (just one unchangable color with no legend but with a link to the element). Still I can't understand why "today" is regarded as the future event and why plans do link to the elements and history events can't. Am I the only one thinking that this is inconsistent and illogical? Why can't I decide what elements should be displayed in both groups simply by filtering the data sources values?? And why does my old vacation process allow me to display future elements listed in "vacation history" data source on the vacation chart?

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