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Application templates free


I would like to import some templates in my environment but i have version 2023_1_2 and i get this error:
Incorrect branch number of application's database. Application has been exported in version 2023_1_3, currently installed version 2023_1_2.
You can not import applications from older versions.

Is there something i can do? Can i find these templates in other versions too? https://community.webcon.com/online-store/free



Hi AndreeLl,

The application templates work only with latest WEBCON BPS release and are not backward compatible.
Currently they work with 2023.1.3.29 and if you upgrade your environment to that build, you will be able to import them.
Once the newer build is published in Platform Center section, application templates will be compatible with that build, breaking compatibility with 2023.1.3.29.

If you woluld like to "see" what is inside - process tree, variables (names), action ect - but NOT RUN PROCESS (in other case you will have errors ... )
then unpack file (is ZIP, then open in edit++ (or other notpade editor and change 2 records: 1. your version of webcon , 2 databese no.)
then Import ... no problem no error but...
I was importing on 2022.2.84 or something like that ... and fields with date have got other format - the designer will crash
so ... just to see process tree, actions you can ... probably if you are close with DB version should work ... anyway try on test / dev environment or in test LAB.