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Hi Adam, actually replacing the files did not cause any problems with the operation of the system. Thanks!

Hello, our information security office has detected a log4j vulnerability. We currently have the log4j-1.2.17.jar version for WebCon BPS 2023 R2 Is it possible to upload version 2.21.1 according to the article https://kb.webcon.pl/security-podatnosc-cve-2021-44228-w-apache-log4j2/? https:/

I can't reply on the forum
09.10.2023 08:35

Good point :)

I can't reply on the forum
09.10.2023 08:22

Hi, does anyone know why I can't always reply?

Thank you very much for all the tips. Regards Derek

Is it correct operation of the system that this user does not have permissions to the Config database right after installation?

Key information for me: For newly created installations, all queries using the Default connection and queries executed in SQL COMMAND rules will always be executed in the context of BPS_User. It is not possible to change this behavior. New installation - DEV: bps_user Upgrade - TEST: NULL Upg

OK, but the basic problem is the inability to query the BPS_Config source with the system account. For the PROD/TEST environment there is no such problem.

And one more attachment.

After installing a new development environment, I have a problem with performing an SQL query to the BPS_Config database. The environment was installed with my administrative account. From the database level, I can also see that the users of the service and the application pool (db owner) have permi

Installing ABBYY FineReader
11.08.2023 07:45

I was able to install ABBYY - new WebCon BPS installation. It turned out then that I did not have the right key for the second test environment. With a fresh install, the error message was more explicit.

Installing ABBYY FineReader
13.07.2023 22:02

Attempting to install without a license server returns the same error.

Installing ABBYY FineReader
13.07.2023 13:18

Hello, after creating a new development environment, I wanted to install the ABBYY FineReader component. I am getting an error during installation. What does it come from? The error appears after entering the activation code and selecting the option: install license server. I am performing

Email notifications
30.06.2023 13:51

Thank you for the hint. Unfortunately, the 'Delete unsent' option does not work. I click and nothing happens. However, deleting individual records works.

Email notifications
30.06.2023 09:56

I recently noticed a problem with sending emails from my environment. The most likely cause was the wrong password for the application pool account. I see a lot of entries in the WFMails table with a status of 0. I do not want all outstanding e-mail notifications to go out after changing the passwor

Graphical scheme
16.05.2023 07:30

I noticed that the system loses the preview of the graphical scheme that I generate from Designer Studio. Most often, the file is not available after re-saving the configuration or the next day. Do you have that too? My BPS version: 2022.1.4.207.

Holiday request
24.04.2023 19:26

Hello, in the "Absences" application I have two processes: Employee file, Holiday request. I wanted to ask you, how do you organize data sources for such a process? 1. Should the source of data be an employee's file with a list of items that reflects holiday leave limits? In this case, each

Content as BASE64
12.04.2023 06:47

1. Accounts are domain and visible in the Cache Organization Structure table. Domain accounts only have different OUs to user accounts. 2. I'll check it and let you know.

Content as BASE64
11.04.2023 18:45

The proposed solution works fine. Thank you very much.

Content as BASE64
11.04.2023 12:35

Hi, I'm having trouble converting the contents of an attachment to BASE64. On the system step I have a TimeOut that calls the transition path after a minute. In the traversal path, I have an action that calls a web service. The frame uses a business rule to convert the content of the attachment t