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Character counting
18.02.2024 18:45

This is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Character counting
15.02.2024 09:57

I propose that the "Multiple lines of text" attribute should include an optional checkbox that will activate character counting.

Replace item list values
13.02.2024 10:28

Hi, I don't think the "Replace Item List Values" action is working properly. When I provide a BPS source in the configuration and use a filter to select data, the filter does not work on the form. The filter in Designer Studio works during testing. This problem does not occur in the "Update Item

Deactivation of the company
12.02.2024 08:59

Hello, after deactivating a company, it should not be possible to assign permissions to the process on this company's tab. The idea is to reduce the number of tabs. Regards D.

The reason was an authorization rule in IIS.

Hi, I have just upgraded the environment from version 2023.1.2.68 to 2023.1.3.29. Unfortunately, AD authentication has stopped working. WebCon BPS Portal is not located at the specified address - this is the message I receive from Designer Studio, and from the BPS Portal level, after authentication

In my case, I keep the holiday leave limits on the list of items and then the source retrieves them more or less like this: select COS_BpsID as USR_UserID, cast({DCNCOL:94} as int) as USR_CurrentYear, floor(sum({DCNCOL:95})) as USR_DaysAvailableLastYear, floor(sum({DCNCOL:96})) as USR_DaysAva

Time type attribute
21.12.2023 09:30

I would like to suggest building two actions: 1. Converting the value (integer) to the equivalent number of hours and minutes. 2. Adding and subtracting two time attributes (types of action). Example: Ad. 1. 90 = 1 h 30 min Ad. 2. 1h 30 min + 0 h 40 min = 2 h 10 min

Comment save button
15.12.2023 10:13

Hi, I tried using the button - adding the entered comment to the comment field, but then it duplicated my entries. I could also consider a function to move to the next step, but then I would have to create such a path at each step separately. It would be best to activate the save button somehow v

Comment save button
11.12.2023 18:18

Hello, Is it possible to make the comment save button also available for the form in edit mode? Regards D.

Item list column label
06.12.2023 10:17

Could you please provide a solution for a specific table by referring to the following? document.querySelectorAll('.header-cell__name-value').forEach(h => { h.style.textAlign='center' })

Item list column label
06.12.2023 08:53

Hello, Is it possible to center the item list column label? I see that the form rule allows you to center the value in the column -> SET CELL STYLE. Applying CSS to the entire list of items centers labels, but not all column types (works for picklist column type). Regards D.

Hi Adam, actually replacing the files did not cause any problems with the operation of the system. Thanks!

Hello, our information security office has detected a log4j vulnerability. We currently have the log4j-1.2.17.jar version for WebCon BPS 2023 R2 Is it possible to upload version 2.21.1 according to the article https://kb.webcon.pl/security-podatnosc-cve-2021-44228-w-apache-log4j2/? https:/

I can't reply on the forum
09.10.2023 08:35

Good point :)

I can't reply on the forum
09.10.2023 08:22

Hi, does anyone know why I can't always reply?

Thank you very much for all the tips. Regards Derek

Is it correct operation of the system that this user does not have permissions to the Config database right after installation?

Key information for me: For newly created installations, all queries using the Default connection and queries executed in SQL COMMAND rules will always be executed in the context of BPS_User. It is not possible to change this behavior. New installation - DEV: bps_user Upgrade - TEST: NULL Upg

OK, but the basic problem is the inability to query the BPS_Config source with the system account. For the PROD/TEST environment there is no such problem.