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Unable to delete step
13.02.2023 09:47

Hi Daniel, I understand. Thanks as always.

Unable to delete step
12.02.2023 09:57

But this is not possible through the admin tools. And as far as I read we should not script some SQL statements to delete specific workflow instances is that right?

Unable to delete step
10.02.2023 12:35

Hi there, I'm unable to delete a step in the Workflow Designer window. It says (see screenshot). I can find the step in the db: SELECT * FROM WFSteps WHERE WFSteps.STP_ID = 95 But no associated Wf instances with it: SELECT WFSteps.STP_ID, WFSteps.STP_Name, WFSteps.STP_Description, WFS

Hey Daniel, thanks, makes sense. With SELECT ATT_ID, ATT_WFDID FROM WFDataAttachmets I found all attachments and using ATT_ID, e.g. 2 in the url /attachments/2/preview?hash=0 shows the preview image. Now, is there a suggested way to delete specific attachments without deleting the inst

Hi tehre, quick question: Somewhere in my notes I saw this string but I can't recall what it points to: /api/nav/db/1/attachments/4/preview?hash=0 In other words, I seem to remember that at some point this link displayed a preview image that was uploaded somewhere. But I don't know by whi

Branding - custom fonts?
21.10.2022 10:29

Good idea, that works. Thanks!

Branding - custom fonts?
07.10.2022 12:24

Hi there, Our company uses a custom font. I'd like to know if it's possible to use it applicaiton wide. Don't see that in the theme editor. Any idea? Thanks!

Hi there, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, case-sensitivity was not the issue. I noticed that I can even leave the request body empty and I will still get the exact error message. It doesn't matter what I put in the request body, can be any character. Other connections that don't use htt

Hi there, this is regarding Microsoft Graph. I'm trying to get a Bearer token but I always get an error message when loading stating: "error":"invalid_request","error_description":"AADSTS900144: The request body must contain the following parameter: 'grant_type' I attached a couple of scree

Remove Item from collection
07.02.2022 10:40

Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately, I don't know if this is possible and how one would go about it, sorry.

Remove Item from collection
07.02.2022 09:29

Hi, are you referring to an item list when you say collection?

Trouble with timeouts
30.01.2022 11:11

I can indeed confirm that having the form in edit mode won't trigger the action(s) defined for the timeout. Took me a while to figure that out.

Thanks Sebastian and Daniel. Will test soon and report back.

Hi guys (Grüezi), thanks for your input and sorry for the delayed answer. I upgraded to BPS 2022 hoping it would resolve itself but unfortunately it didn't. @Bjoern: Thank you. It was set to "all rows" and changing it to "first row" doesn't make a difference. As we can see on your screenshot t

Hi there, does anybody know why this error occurs? Happens the following way: - Business rule retrieves datasource column (from [CacheOrganizationStructure]) COS_AD_name by means of a form field value (see 1.png) - Rule works fine if clicked on 'Test' button - This business rule is used i