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Hubert Chadaj


Dashboard + Reports
22.02.2021 13:19

Hi, When We put Report on dashboard using functionality of massive action or quick path not refreshing data in report. When we use it on report it refresh data. The functionality of report when it use as report or report on dashboard should be the same.

SOLR Reports - Attachments
01.02.2021 15:38

Hi, When we use reports with SOLR we have easy access to attachment's, but not always is good to see them all. When elements have many attachments the report is inconvenient and not look good. Where useful will be to set: - how many attachment's we wont to see - filter them by category or type of

In new versions o WebCon BPS using Word templates are now using GUID identifier witch enables using it's in all environments. But the functionality o Word templates are very simple. It's now enough flexible for control conditions for hide, show etc. information's. For example: You can not show heade

When User have permission to more then one entry point, the print action get first of it. User should be able to choose on witch point hi what to use.