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Hi there. before I search forever; has anybody a hint how I could define an action (Invoke REST Web Service) where I can read a picture from an URL ( e.g. https://qr.myurl.com/wp-content/uploads/qyrr/177/qr-code.png)via GET and store it in a picture field? Thanks in advance! Klaus

Perfect! Many thanks, Klaus

Hi. I want to show in a report in a column if an item has an attachment. Does anybody have an idea how to do that? Kind regards, Klaus

Connection with MS Planner
24.03.2023 14:43

Hi there. Has anybody here experience to work with Webcon and MS Planner hand in hand? I saw that there is an API for Planner, that lets me hope that I could connect the two. Kind regards Klaus

Hi, I'm seeking a hint, how to show in the table report that an item is assigned to more than one person. Has anybody an idea? When a task is assigned to more than one, it is visible in the info bar in the item form, but in the tabled report (e.g. "all open instances") it shows only one name.

Filter on Date in Item LIst
03.03.2023 09:51

Hi, I have an item list with a "date" column. I figured out that filtering (or even showing it in a customized date format in a data table) is tricky as the daty type of the column is actually nvarchar(1000). What I want to reach is to filter the data table based on a "date picker" field, but

Hi Karol, your code works for me, too. Thank you very much. I see, I have to code completely as HTML (with frame, body, ...) , not only adding a few formatting codes. Kind regards Klaus

Hello. I have in mind that it has been possible in the past to format the text of the "task details" in a form by HTML, e.g. . That doesn't work anymore with V2021.1.5.xxx (see attached) The only thing that works is for a line break. Is there a reason and more important: how can I format t

Signing PDF Attachments
12.12.2022 12:58

Nope, unfortunately I received no reply.

Signing PDF Attachments
09.08.2022 10:39

Hi Lukasz. an answer here would be highly apreciated. Kind regards Klaus

Hi Martin, so easy and very effective. Thanks a lot! Cheers Klaus

Hi. Is there a way to query the Active Directory only for the department column and add this as a datasource. What I'm seaking is a list of all departments we have in the company. Kind regards Klaus

Signing PDF Attachments
28.06.2022 10:25

Hi Lukasz, we have the actual version of AR installed, I tried your hint with the Protected mode and looked at the link of Adobe. Nothing has helped, I still have the same issue. My (I'm not an IT expert) feeling is that is has something to do with the permissions. If I use "Fill in and si

Signing PDF Attachments
10.06.2022 10:44

Hi. I was very optimistic that I could sign PDF files with locally installed certificates (Adobe reader functionality) using the "IT hit Edit Doc Opener" Addin as mentioned in the Webcon Knowledge Base (https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/new-way-to-use-a-digital-signature/253). So far ev

Hi Daniel, sorry for the incomplete scenario description. The actual case is a SQL Database connection where I have defined a data source as a SQL table with that connection. So I'm talking about "pure SQL". That Data source is used as data source for a choice field. Via the advanced config

Hi. When I import data from an external data source and the content of a field doesn't match the data type of the target field (e.g. target field is "Date", but the source delivers a "text") I get an error and the import is aborted. Is ther a chance to "catch" that and set the value e.g. "empt

Dear Razvan, thank you for your answer. I understand that you are using a dedicated user (Webcon System) for sending mails. That'S somting I want to avoid due to data security reasons, but you helped me to get an idea for a suitable workaround. Thanks! Klaus

Dear Razvan. I have a questions regarding your statement: "... have decided to create a hotmailbox on the Sent folder." What "sent" folder are you referring to? In our set-up the Webcon System account has no Exchange-mailbox, but sends directly. Have you created a "Webcon user account" in

Hi Daniel, thank you for the link! That looks very promising, I'll try it out. Kind regards, Klaus

Hi everybody. I wonder if there is a way how I can attach the message sent by an "custom mail" action as new attachment to the workflow instance? Kind regards, KLaus