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Editing/deleting comment
15.03.2023 17:08

Some of our Webcon users are complaining about lacking of comment editing/deleting feature. It should be possible only for comment's author only of course. Such comment should be marked with "Comment changed" "Comment deleted" text. Wouldn't that be a great feature?

Sorry for late reply, thank you, thank you, thank you Dariusz for good tip! I has worked as I wanted it to work! The key information is that data source with template "Days off" _must_ return only ufd_date column. In my case I have also returned optional UFD_UserID column which caused this unexpec

Hi Daniel, I live in Poland and I think for many countries lists of bank holidays is the same, no matter which part of the country you live in. So, to be precise, my proposal could be just an option just like using days off data source on vacation schedule is optional - when this option is turned o

Dear community, Wouldn't it be great if Vacation schedule could mark all non-working days the same way as currently weekends are marked? Working days calendar system setting seams to be perfect source for non-working days, isn't it? This way all bank holidays could be marked on vacation schedule. I

My tasks - sorting
30.03.2022 15:45

Dear Webcon Community :), Is it possible to add sort option to "My tasks"? By default it is sorted by Modification date in ascending order. My proposal is: 1. It would be very useful if user can sort it by other standard fields like: Days/hours in step, Modifying person, Creation date, etc. 2.