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(...) ects of external attacks. Thanks to this solution, the server located in the internal network is not affected by potential attacks, or at least their consequences are mitigated.  The pre-Authentication mechanism allows you to provide an additional level of traffic filtration that comes from the public internet network and will prevent anonymous access to the WEBCON BPS Portal resources.   & (...)

(...) ve; author: Michał Bednarz From version 2021, you can authenticate in WEBCON BPS with any provider using the OpenID Connect standard. In this article, we explain how to configure it using Google Authentication as an example. Please note that the configuration is identical when you use another provider.  It is necessary to register the application on the provider’s side, in this case, Google. (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2021.1.x and above; author: Paweł Fijał  WEBCON BPS allows for selecting an Authentication provider and sometimes there may be a situation in which it will be necessary to change the already established provider from Active Directory to Azure Active Directory. You can change the provider for both Designer Studio and the Portal, but in the case of Designer Studio it is recommended to (...)

(...) Environments without a Windows domain can still work with WEBCON BPS as long as it is configured to use Google Authentication . However, such a configuration will not allow attachments to be edited directly from the form viewed in WEBCON BPS Portal and using the desktop version of Microsoft Office. To edit files on the form, WEBCON BPS uses WebDav protocols. Microsoft does not support using WebDav protoco (...)

(...) Dear WebCon Team, we most urgently need the possibility to have further Authentication methods using OAuth 2.0 / OpenID in the context of REST - Web Service. At the moment the limitation does us not allow to communicate with other systems in the way of microservices. This extension would be a great increase of data communication. Thanks a lot Best regards Thomas

(...) Hi, I really like the new option that an user can authenticate himself against an arbitrary Authentication provider. Like in most cases this is true for this feature, if you provide a new one there will be immediately questions asking for more. :) For those who don't know what I'm talking about you an search the change log for 2021 R3 for 'Authentication request endpoints'. In my case it's the following: Whe (...)

(...) Dear All, is there a guide on setting multi tenant Authentication for webcon? Until now we were using one tenant but would like to extend this to another one or two. I found multi tenant option in designer studio but with no additional options to configure it. How should we set the other tenant? is there a further configuration required on webcon end?

(...) Dear Community, just a general question about e-mail notification with Microsoft 365 accounts. On 01.10.2022 Microsoft will disable Basic Authentication . How do you plan to keep working e-mail notifications with SMTP from M365?

(...) Hello, here is a question that I have not found suitable hints so far. As our customer is sort of in a hurry, I want to place this question here: Can a multi-factor-Authentication be used with the Mobile App for WEBCON BPS? The customer uses AAD for Authentication and I would assume that setting MFA there would invoke the app to ask for the 2nd factor if the password was saved. But this does not hap (...)

(...) Hi everybody, sorry to bother you with this: One of our customers switched the Authentication for his MS Exchange Online to MS Graph and since then receives the error shown in the screenshot attached. He does not run any kind of proxy server on his firewall, so that we are confused by the error message. Any hint is welcome to get his productive system up and running again. Cheers, Ingo

(...) Hi, Due to requirements of another system: 1. I need to change the Authentication method of MS SQL Server from Windows to mixed. Any risks connected with such operation? Or Webcon should be working just fine? 2. A need to change the collation of the SQL Server. Are there any risks connected for running Webcon service here?

(...) Hello all, We have implemented a new ticket system called Jitbit and I would like to connect it to WEBCON via REST web service. Unfortunately, I don't understand how to configure a "Basic Authentication " or "Token Authentication " in WEBCON. Using Postman, the Authentication including the queries already worked. Enclosed you can find the documentation from Jitbit: https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/helpdesk-a (...)

Hi, as always when a new feature is provided, new requests will follow immediately. :) It would be great to see in the workflow history whether path authorization was used and which method was used. At the moment, it's not at all visible if path authorization was used at all. If the authorization is activated for existing workflows, we can't distinguish which instances have been using i

(...) rect login and password several times before being able to enter the portal. The worst thing is that there are cases where the user does not log in to his account. We use Windows Active Directory Authentication . Does anybody know the reason that could cause the users to take the identity of different users?

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Mateusz Syrek   Introduction In WEBCON BPS there it is possible to configure several Authentication providers. One of them is ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services). If the organization uses the single-on with ADFS and we want the Authentication process in the WEBCON BPS application to be “transparent/invisible?” for use (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x; author: Marcin Wołosz   Introduction Authentication Use of REST API Summary     Introduction The WEBCON 2019 version introduced the possibility of using REST API technology to create programming integration solutions with the system. The REST API provides full support and allows you to start new workflow instances, transition p (...)

(...) which must then be entered into the WEBCON BPS system configuration.     Additionaly, we need to activate “Access tokens” option from the Azure portal in the ‘Authentication ’ configuraton of the registred application.     After completing the above instructions and saving the changes in the WEBCON BPS Designer Studio, we recommend using the & (...)

(...) the database, it requires an environment configuration.   Depending on the chosen type of WEBCON BPS installation: with SharePoint, StandAlone   and following methods of Authentication : integrated login, SQL login,   The following article is split into four parts – one for each combination of installation and Authentication method. Links to specific subse (...)

(...) Applies to version 2019.1.4.x; Author: Michał Bednarz   When implementing a system based on AAD Authentication it might be necessary to create user management in O365 from the WEBCON BPS level. WEBCON BPS provides dedicated actions for local AD. You can use the standard actions available in WEBCON BPS (REST invoke action) and REST Service Microsoft Graph.    1. Preparing the applicat (...)

(...) he log in method and BPS user list synchronization configuration directly during WEBCON BPS installation. For safety reasons, we recommend that two applications are created – one to manage user Authentication and one from which to download the BPS users list.     Let’s start with the application for managing the Authentication process. In the App registrationswindow add a (...)