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(...) illed in, the system will return an error. The last field is “Signature type”, there are two options: ESIGNATURE – standard digital signature QUALIFIED_ESIGNATURE – Qualified signature Description of the Qualified signature : Requires personal identity verification – notarized or official. The certificate must be stored on a secure device and must be protected wit (...)

Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Miłosz Różycki   Introduction In WEBCON BPS version 2020, the support for digital signatures has been enhanced by preparing plugins (SDK – Software development kit) that enable digital signing of documents. Four plugins have been prepared that allow for integration with external digital signature providers: Ad

(...) is sent to the phone number provided here. The final step is the selection of “Signature Type”: ESIGNATURE – standard electronic signature QUALIFIED_ESIGNATURE – Qualified signature There are two types of roles that can be assigned: Viewer – only persons specified on the list must sign the document Signer – persons specified on the list and the sender mu (...)