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(...) Applies to version: 2020.3.x and above; author: Józef Cyran   Introduction In the latest version of WEBCON BPS, the report coloring has been enhanced for additional functionalities (a description of the basic report coloring modes can be found here). There is the ability to go through a path without having to view the specific instance – just click on a properly configur (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Katarzyna Cypser   The WEBCON 2020 version introduces the functionality of coloring reports on the MODERN form. In addition to the ability of coloring cells, you can also add icons, shade cells and create many advanced configurations using the conditional instructions.   The option is available in the report configurat (...)

(...) the item list form field. This functionality can facilitate data interpretation and increase transparency when presenting a lot of data.  This article will present the available options for coloring the background of the item list. Go to the coloring settings, open the item list form field, and then go to the advanced settings. Fig.1 Advanced configuration of the Item List form field (...)

(...) Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Michał Kastelik   The article is an update of the already existing article, for orginal see: coloring alternating rows of item lists.   To increase the ergonomics and readability of the form with a large number of rows in the item list form field, one of the options is to color every other row. WEBCON BPS has grayscale coloring enabled by (...)

(...) Introduction In the 2021 WEBCON BPS version, business rules were added that make it easier to work with item lists and allow you to color and dynamic style modification of the selected cells. The coloring of the item lists is shown on the example of a process for handling orders in a restaurant. Operation of the application   Fig. 1 - The appearance of the application   T (...)

Hello all, Hope you're doing great! Does anyone configured a rule that will color a cell in a item list upon value change? I have an item list that will be initialized with values and if the user changes one of them, I want that cell to be marked so it's easier to check the value. I have found some examples but it's using a rule (like > than X) and it's painting the entire row. In the

(...) sing the “>” button.     Form view The mobile form contains all features of the desktop version including any form rules that are used to modify the form e.g. coloring form fields. By opening the information panel in the workflow, you can open also a preview of the process workflow on the mobile devices.     Reports and dashboards The new (...)

(...) The example configuration:   Fig. 9. The form field default value   Limiting visibility on the form:   Fig. 10. Limiting visibility on the form   coloring the form field value on the change of their value:   Fig. 11. The form rule on the form field change   Summary Breaking form settings inheritance is most often used to ch (...)

(...) “Layout” tab and check the “Use advanced appearance settings” option. Select the “For whole row” color mode and add the SQL query. Fig. 17 – The row coloring setting On the form, it will look like in Fig 18.   Fig. 18 - coloring rows with incompatible answers b) Finally, the superior gives the employee a final mark (the "Final ma (...)

(...) mandatory? The path example of advanced colouring will just break on transporting the report to another environment: This is just a simple example and I have more in mind. While I can workaround for some variables by writing a SQL in 1 and 2, I have no chance for 3. I, for my part, would like to ha (...)