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(...) After a short introduction on the most important features of LCAP platforms that facilitate the design and automation of processes - we moved on to practice. Students of Computer Science and Econometrics, who learned the BPMN notation describing processes, this time had to translate it into the language of BPS. Participants of the classes had individual work environments at their disposal. The pri (...)

(...) tion of an application. To address those challenges, the 2023 R1 WEBCON BPS version has introduced support for OpenTelemetry – a powerful tool that streamlines collection of diagnostic data and metrics from IT systems. This article discusses configuration of telemetry based on the OpenTelemetry standard in the WEBCON BPS system for its Portal and Service components.   What is telemetr (...)

(...) utton (ensure that biometric functions are enabled on the device).   If PIN or biometric protection is enabled, the user will be prompted to enter the PIN code or authenticate using biometrics during the next login. Interface After logging in successfully, the Portal main page is opened in the mobile application window. The upper part of the window contains the quick bar. It cont (...)