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Applies to version: 2022.1.x and above, author: Krystyna Gawryał   Introduction Microsoft Outlook is one of the basic tools used by office workers. Outlook Classic and Outlook Modern add-ins are responsible for its integration with WEBCON BPS Portal. They allow users to access their tasks, view the contents of selected forms, and use many other Portal features from within their e-ma

Applies to version: 2022.1.x and above; author: Krystyna Gawryał   Introduction Outlook Classic is an add-in that allows WEBCON BPS to integrate with the Outlook desktop application available as part of Microsoft Office, which is one of the most widely used applications for managing e-mail correspondence in enterprises. Upgrading it with a dedicated WEBCON add-in will allow users to e

Hi everyone, i locally installed the Outlook Plugin according to the manual. When adding an Email to a Workflow instance, i get an error "Insufficient attachment permissions" (see screenshot). I have to admit, that i used the Edge browser instead of Internet Explorer to install the add-in. What could i do to fix this? Thanks for considering my request, Christian

(...) th no trouble... The error message below (in Polish, as this is the language of my installation). What could be the problem? How can it be solved? Error message: Nazwa: WEBCON BPS for Microsoft Outlook AddIn Od: http://webcon.artlocum.pl/addins/outlook/WebCon.WorkFlow.Outlook.vsto ************** Tekst wyjątku ************** System.Security.SecurityException: Dostosowane funkcje zawarte w tej aplikac (...)

Hi, after running (WebCon.Outlook_2022_1_3_47) the "vsto" file, this error message is displayed : The solution is to manually create the "application files" directory in the source. After that, the vsto file is imported correctly, but I open outlook and there is an inactive element in the addins - "Failed to load. A startup error occurred while loading the COM architecture plugin." Whe

(...) Hi, in this case take a look at the folder of the installation files: \MS Office AddIns\Autodistribution\Outlook AddIn There's a readme how it can be done. I haven't used it myself, but this is the official way how to install the AddIn automatically. Best regards, Daniel

OK, the installation of the add-on is successful. But MS outlook does not load the addin correctly. More information in the attachment.

Hi, In several machines in my enviroment I get an error - Outlook turns of the webcon addin, because is slows down loading of the app. Is this normal, do you encounter the same problem? Even though Microsoft shows how to override the Outlook decision, I don't have this option in the addins dialog. I'm personally using Outlook 2016, is this too old for the addin to work?

Well, I have 4 machines on Windows 10 with new Outlook from Microsoft 365 (x64) apps installed - the same happens. Even though the workaround made the addin appear as working, webcon-specific elements did not appear in the Outlook windows.