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(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Tomasz Słuszniak   One of the methods to start a bpm workflow in WEBCON BPS is to use REST api BPS. It can be especially useful in situations such as: Data exchange between different WEBCON BPS instances – e.g., there is an internal application for your organization and a public application available for your clients. Data (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x; author: Marcin Wołosz   Introduction Authentication Use of REST api Summary     Introduction The WEBCON 2019 version introduced the possibility of using REST api technology to create programming integration solutions with the system. The REST api provides full support and allows you to start new workflow instances, t (...)

(...) add support for more field types, I didn't want to define the test data for each step and field type on my own.  Therefore, I focused this time on generating the form data using the REST api . After all, we already have the workflow steps, field, and field matrix, why should we define this again for Playwright? :) What has happened: I focused on PowerShell this time for accessing (...)

(...) Hello! Is there anyone who could help me figure out how to call an external REST api from behind a corporate proxy? I manage to successfully call it using Postman application installed on the server where Webcon is installed. However, when the same call is made from Webcon, it doesn't work. I'm using the POST method of the "Invoke REST Web service" action on a menu button. If I enable "Use proxy" in (...)

(...) When adding or updating elements via Rest api , for picker fields it is required to provide Id and name. Quite often the name is known, but not the id. As picker fields are usually based on datasources, it would by great, when the api would be extended with methods to query datasources. There should be at least two methods: 1) getting a list of all available datasources (overall / by application) (...)

Hello everyone! Have u stumble upon this error when u make a request through the action and map the body on a field? In the body field as mentioned in the picture should be the body , the json but, is shown the type of collection ( System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Object] )

(...) Hi all! Does anyone configured a start worflow in sharepoint using an api ? I've following the tutorial video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3hC1fAjvAk) to start a subworkflow using MS Flow (now called Power Automate) but when I need to configure the Get Token Action I only have the options in the picture and they are premium. Anyone with ideas? Using the json in the column of the item (...)

In WEBCON the development is so fast and agile that it started to create bottlenecks in the deployment activity. We are using Azure DevOps and it would be great if some kind of pipeline could be created in order to start and deploy things in an automated manner.

(...) t i extended our powershell cmdlets with a use weblogin feature. Fiddler and a bit of research in the web provided the right approach quite fast. Authentication works fine, but when using the rest api i receive an "invalid scope" exception. Seems that the rest api is only working with registered apps. Would be super cool having the possibility to grant permissions for using the rest api als (...)

(...) Hello, just struggeling with setting up the REST api to create new elements from external app. It works fine in application context but I do not find a suitable guide on how to do this in user context. Do I have to enter the username and user e-mail-address in the mask as I assume? What is the "Authorized Redirect URIs" good for and where do I get this from? And: What is the main purpose (...)

(...) Hi, I haven't realized before that the REST api doesn't contain any information about the database column. I agree in most cases this is of no use and would only create unnecessary traffic. There's one use case though were one needs it. When you read the metadata information so that you can provide a configuration option in another system to start a workflow using the URL parameters: ...?com_i (...)

(...) Hi tehre, quick question: Somewhere in my notes I saw this string but I can't recall what it points to: /api /nav/db/1/attachments/4/preview?hash=0 In other words, I seem to remember that at some point this link displayed a preview image that was uploaded somewhere. But I don't know by which means an attachment was uploaded to this path. Right now, calling this link throws: {"type":"h (...)

(...) Hi everyone, the start new element api has the mode parameter with the following description: mode String($int32) (query) Optional mode parameter that specifies validation behavior. When empty or standard, all fields will be validated. When set ignoreReadonly, readonly fields won't be set but no error will be returned. Admin value allows to edit readonly fields, but requires admin permissions (...)

(...) Hello, I have a question. I'm a Webcon admin. I am trying to test api and I get this error response from Webcon api : { "type": "InsufficientAccountPermissions", "description": "Global admin permissions required", "errorGuid": "54d9ccb7-183e-484f-ba73-7f1d0d8ec794" } my endpoint in request via POSTMAN /api /data/beta/admin/db/1/businessentities my Webcon verion is: 2021.1.5 (...)

(...) Hi all! I am wondering if there is a way to filter a view with Webcon REST api . So instead of getting all view rows on my client and filtering the result with C# and LINQ, there should be a better option than that. ODATA does not seem to be implemented yet. Maybe I overlooked something or is it planned to add ODATA or some other filtering options to REST api ? Thanks a lot in advance & (...)

(...) Hi all! I noticed that OData support has been added to REST api 2022.1.4.xx. I only found one document, which is located here: https://community.webcon.com/posts/post/odata-format-in-webcon-bps/346 This document is related to the usage of OData in PowerBI. What we really need is the ability to filter views with OData and REST api . Is that one already implemented and if so, where can I fin (...)

(...) Hi all, at the moment we are struggling to generate C## classes automatically based on the SWAGGER JSON Definition of WebCon. (server-adress/api ) It seems, that the inheritance could not be solved completely by the library. Our aim is to be able to read data in JSON format from the WebCon REST-api by using standardized tools, means no manually work for getting the data in the right format. Us (...)

(...) Hi, I'm trying to update an existing instance or create a new instance with REST api . I'm using api version 3.0 and Postman. I want to put data to choice field, but I know only name from data source. It's possible at all? I tried to put a value in two ways: "formFields": [ { "guid": "c2e37260-5d57-410e-997c-1f19bb12a4c0", "svalue": "USD" (...)

(...) Hi, Adding new rest api user context in adminpanle , we can choose permissions to applications. When can chooses ReadWrite, but still it's giving possibility to overwrite element after creations. I think that good idea will be give new to of access like CreateOnly. To start only new element in Webcon, but not possible to overwrite by api .

(...) Hello everyone, I was wondering... Is there a way to start workflows by an external api without the need to exchange the token first? I'm asking the question because I'm exploring the possibilities offered by using a service as MailGun. They can parse the incoming email message and post the parsed information in form of JSON to a URL. The issue I'm having is I can only configure a URL to which (...)