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(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Dawid Golonka   Introduction In the workflows designed in WEBCON BPS, you can enable users to add attachments – e.g. .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, tiif, and zip. Their storage location is a particularly important aspect of the system configuration. When organizing your document management system, you can decide to create a separate database (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Michał Kastelik   Introduction The new version of WEBCON BPS mobile application for iOS offers the option of adding attachments. Until now, the files could be supported by adding photos saved in the gallery or loading a photo directly from the camera. The new version allows you to add the files directly from the applications such as OneDri (...)

(...) our columns: ID Name PL Name EN Name DE   Configuration of attachment detail fields To add an attachment detail field, in the process configuration node, select the “attachments details” option and then click the “New” button. Enter a name of the new field and indicate the previously prepared data source. In the advanced configuration check the “Su (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x and above; author: Marcin Pisarek   Introduction From WEBCON BPS 2020, you can sign PDF and/or DOCX attachments on the MODERN form. To do so, you need to use digital signatures (x.509 certificates).   This article describes two actions: Sign an attachment – the action allowing to sign an attachment Verify attachment’s sig (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.1.x; author: Michał Kastelik   With the introduction of the Modern form and the WEBCON BPS Platform we have the possibility to add many attachments faster and more intuitively. To add attachments just select them with the mouse and drag them to the attachments section – no need to install any plugins.     This functionality works with with t (...)

(...) e we would like the attachment added on the form to be stored in the cloud e.g. in OneDrive. People who are not taking part in the process will be able to access it. This article describes how to add attachments to OneDrive using the REST action. The simple workflow of sending attachments has been created.   Fig. 1. The workflow of sending attachment   Configuration 1. The c (...)

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(...) Good morning, How to disable showing attachments from a specific workflow in search results?

By having a copy of a external file as attachment instead of only having a link to it, we can take advantage of the great preview functionality. How ever, having copies of a file increase the risk of having multiple versions and loosing track of the relevant document. In my case, we have customers who wants to link to files in SharePoint and other dms. So I'm wondering, how you guys solve this

(...) Hi, When we use reports with SOLR we have easy access to attachment's, but not always is good to see them all. When elements have many attachments the report is inconvenient and not look good. Where useful will be to set: - how many attachment's we wont to see - filter them by category or type of file on seconde side nice to have will be colapsing row to see only one attchment and after expand see more. (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.3.x and above; author: Jarosława Markopolska   Introduction The MODERN form allows users to view attachments without having to download them. You can preview an attachment in two ways – in the preview window and on the form. This option is available in the most popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox, and can be supported by various file f (...)

(...) modify instances The process can be manually completed via form or by configuring the Item list form field on the form which allows you to import data from an Excel file Unable to add attachments Able to add attachments The ability of data migration between environments There is no data import/export mechanism between environments, only process configuration itself (...)

(...) a RegEx expression can be used – to limit the search by attachment name. If you select the second option, you have to create a query that will return Att_ID of a given attachment from the WFDataattachments table. For more information see our knowledge base: . Two last fields of this section are technical form fields. In the first “Copy source attachment I (...)

(...) Applies to version 2020.1.x, author: Anna Puka   Introduction Digitally signing attachments ensures the integrity and authenticity of approved documents and improves the entire approval process. This is especially important now when more and more businesses are choosing to allow remote work and have little time to implement a paperless office model. The standard WEBCON BPS functionaliti (...)

(...) y depending on the action selected.   a) SendEnvelope It is used to send documents to the Skribble platform for signing.   b) Attachment selection SelectionMode – attachments can be selected based on the category (the Category value) or SQL query (the SQL value) CategoryMode – attachments can be selected from a specific category (the ID value), not related to any (...)

(...) io application. Access and edit all workflow instances – allows you to set people who have the privileges to modify and view instances in the process. Access all workflow instances and attachments – allows you to set people who can view instances in the process and their attachments. Launch new workflow instances – allows you to set people who can start new instances. Such a (...)

(...) After clicking the “OK” button the system will go to the next step, while clicking the “Cancel” button – allows you to return to the form. In our case a form without attachments has been created by clicking the “OK” button.   Fig. 8. The “Analytical breakdown” step   Summary Embedding the correctness rule on the workflow p (...)

(...) need to convert a file to the .pdf format – go to their configuration. The only field that you should change is the “Convert” field – change the value to the “The newest attachments”).   Fig. 14 Configuration of convertion into .pdf format   The “Convert Word to PDF” action adds another file to the attachments without removing the prev (...)

(...) nd also larger devices – tablets. On each of these devices it is possible to use the full abilities of your meticulously designed business applications: start workflows, generate printouts, add attachments, and the full version of the search engine with SOLR technology. New versions are available for iOS and Android platforms.

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(...) ere is the main form at the Registration step.   Fig. 4. The main form   On the left, there is information about the contractor and invoice details. On the right – the attachments and comments section. Below them, there is a chart displaying the values of the unpaid invoices. At the bottom of the form on the item list, all invoices registered for this contractor are listed. (...)

(...) ined as an action or on a given path, without the ability of individual configuration Send a custom e-mail – an action allows to define recipients, CC recipients, template, content or add the attachments from the workflow instance   E-mail templates allow you to define the appearance of the e-mail sent in WEBCON BPS, both when sending standard notification and configurable messages. T (...)