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(...) anciszek Sakławski   Introduction When creating the configurable e-mail templates there is the option to add fields from the form. This article describes how to add an item list and SQL data table fields.   Fig. 1. A list of fields available in the system   To enter these types of fields in the template is needed: Basic knowledge of HTML language (specifically b (...)

(...) Applies to version: 2020.3.x and above; author: Konrad Wojtycza   Introduction Data export from the data table form field of the MODERN form is a useful functionality that has been added to version 2020.1.1. This option makes it easier to access and work on data stored in WEBCON BPS.   Configuration and data export The ability to export is available in the advanced configura (...)

Applies to version 2020.1.x, author: Marcin Pisarek   Introduction When designing processes and individual workflows in WEBCON BPS, it is good to know how data is stored in the tables, what are the relations between them and how the particular information is displayed on the form. The article describes the WFElementDetails table.   Relations in the table The WFE

Applies to version 2020.1.3; author: Dawid Golonka   Introduction One of the types of data stored in WEBCON BPS databases is the configuration of the elements that make up applications and processes. The configuration settings entered by a user are stored in the tables appropriate for the configured elements. The article provides a summary that schematically shows which table is r

(...) s the ability to make a save for the moment (caching all inputs so far), so they could finish the instance later. If the user wants to start that instance again, all input fields are invisible and a data table shows the already started instance including LINKS to that instance. I would like to have that links opened in the existing window, but i dont find a working way to configure that. Every time a new (...)

data table attribute gives opportunity to export containing data to Excel using its default configuration, the sole problem is it can only export top 1000 rows, when its quite common to display bigger chunks of data in that form field. Documentation that redirects to below website doesn't mention anything about such limit: I (...)

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(...) and this is handled by storing data in appropriate steps The process will need to be integrated with other related processes (e.g. subworkflows). On the data form, additional information such as data tables, statements (displaying e.g. invoice, vacation and contract data) will be displayed Adding attachments will be necessary When you have data stored in an Excel file and wish to import it to your (...)

(...) cted column – values in that column will take the user directly to the form of the instance they clicked.     The preview window also works in forms on form fields of the data table. The field defined in the form field configuration, will be opened in the preview mode by default.       The form preview window significantly speeds up the perform (...)

(...) s contractor. To do this, you need to indicate the previously created BPS data source and narrow the results to the contractor indicated on the form.   Fig. 3. The configuration of the data table   Configuration of the serial correspondence In the process of serial correspondence the contractors who have unpaid invoices will be selected. For each of them, a separate Outgoing cor (...)

(...) stem fields such as signature or 2D code and barcode are available in the list. The methods for adding them are the same as described above       Item lists and data tables In the template you can also add the item lists defined on the form. After adding the item list, a window will appear in which you should set the visibility, order and column names. For the colum (...)

(...) otal)* Survey field – choice list Date 50 Yes/No choice 20 Person or group 15 Data row (SQL Row) No limit data table (SQL Grid) No limit Chart No limit Google map 3 Gantt chart 2 Vacation schedule 1 Vacations summary 1 U (...)

(...) the form field configuration in the “General” tab.   Fig.1. Configuration of the default value settings   For each type of form field (except for charts and data table and rows), you can define the default value. You can use the values of other form fields, business rules, context variables, fixed values and data sources in the configuration. Setting the default va (...)

(...) this one can be used in form fields that are supplied with values from a data source. These form field types are: “Choice field”, “Choice tree”, “Data row”, “data table” and “Chart”.     After correctly completing the form field configuration using our “Dictionary” data source, it will supply selectable values to (...)

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(...) hat contains over 1300 records, has been imported to the UK_JOB_CHANGE database (created and configured for this article). The following databases have been configured in the test workflow: data table – connection – the data table form field with the directly configured connection to the database containing the example data. The SQL query defined on the form field returns all data from (...)

(...) an be a “Contractors” data source – connecting the source from an external system can keep the data up-to-date. Another example is the use of API provided by WEBCON BPS to display a data table based on a report from the Portal. The use of REST data sources may cause a break in the operation of the service prevents the use of the form. Also, long interface response time will have a direct i (...)

(...) e comment can be added by the user who has the read privileges.   Additionally, if the data source defined for the form fields listed does not return any data, in the case of the “data table” form field, no data will be displayed, and the “Data row” form field will not be displayed at all.   Filling in field matrix There is the possibility of mass setting (...)

(...) form),   invocations of rules responsible for visibility, editability and requiredness of form fields,   asynchronous invocations of form fields such as data table, data row, chart, pick box (along with the content of queries),   application report’s query content.   Each invocation has its duration displayed. &nbs (...)

(...) ata" group where you must select the entry that should be updated. The entry is selected based on the "Industry" and "SIC_1" choice fields corresponding to the columns in the data table with the same names. It is possible to update data in the following fields – make changes and click "Update." Fig. 3. The fragment of the UK Jobs Change Update workflow form - (...)

(...) correspondence form we want to display all instances related to the Outgoing correspondence and give the possibility to go to these instances using a link. For this purpose, you can use the "data table" form field in which the instance number, date of registration and date of sending the related workflow instance will be displayed. The document number will be a link to a given instance. An (...)