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Hi I am looking for a good toturial and is it possible to create a list of items where the item contains many attributes, e.g. a date field, text field, one below the other and not only just next to each other? That is, the distribution of attributes vertically and not only horizontally in the items. Found only this: https://developer.webcon.com/docs/2019.1/sdk-custom-control/

Hello Experts, We're currently on BPS version 2021.1.2.143 (getting ready for upgrade) I try to invoke a REST API to update form fields, and I get a proper response from the service, however, it doesn't update the fields. I'm using OData Query to filter and expand the data, and load the response definition from the service. The action configuration and action log with response are on my pictures. What can I be doing wrong? The response is complete, however it doesnt populate the fields. (...)

Hello, The question I have sounds very easy, how do I cancel all the remaining subworkflows that are not already "answered" to? Parent - 12345 - will wait for all 3 subworkflows to be done Child 1 - 12346 - finished Child 2 - 12347 - in progress Child 3 - 12348 - in progress All I need is, if I cancel 12345, then 12347 and 12348 will automatically be classed as finished. Can you help at all? Thank you!!

Hey, We've ran into another issue. Cloning a row which has the Choose attribute and then adding a value to it will result in a checksum error. If you delete the first element, it won't result in an error. Screenshot below shows the issue. Versions: both 2023.1.3.118 and 2023.1.3.131

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National Bank of Poland (NBP) currency exchange rates

The current way in which The National Bank of Poland (NBP) shares its currency exchange rates (via Excel files) is changing after 29 February 2024. After this date, the only way to obtain exchange rates from NBP will be through their API. The newest versions of WEBCON BPS 2022 and 2023 account for this, and to continue loading exchange rates, you will need to update to version 2022.1.4.404 and 2023.1.3.76 respectively.

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License Activation Service

The License Activation Service (LAS) is a new tool for offline activation of WEBCON BPS licenses. Read this article to learn about its features and capabilities.

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Platform Compatibility Roadmap

Take a look at the compatibility changes planned in the upcoming 2024 version of the WEBCON BPS platform.

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WEBCON BPS latest version

Current build: 2023.1.3.118

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