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Currently I'm migrating files from SharePoint to a custom built WEBCON DMS application. Normally the Instance number is generated according to a rule which is perfect for new files. The customer wants to keep their document numbering. For the existing files I would like to update the Instance number (Database: WFD_Signature) using a small SQL script. But is it safe and is it wise to do that? I'm aware the numbers need to be unique in the system, and I know they are unique in the old system. (...)

Hi, I want to compare(lookup) an item list with dictionary items. On a start step I have the item list where I want to upload some rows from an excel file, then I want to check if uploadet rows exist in the dictionary. If exists, webcon should mark a column in the item list that the entry exists. Do you know how to achieve it? Could you help?

Hello folks, We have used constants which contain SQL queries for calculated report collumns a couple of times already, so this does work. But i now have a query which works perfectly when added into the calculated collumn directly, but no longer works when stored in a constant. (img attached) Through logs we found that he has a problem seemingly with strings, but we found no way to baypass that. Anyone have an idea what is done with the query on the way or why this might be the case?

I have a workflow when I have a branch that's check whether user ticked the box 'yes' or 'no'. If user ticks the box yes - the workflow goes to the postivie finished step. However, I needed to configure the task creation, and that worflow stays as a user task . How do I omit the user task creation?

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