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May be a sily question, but... is there a way to turn off parts of a form rule? It would be nice to stop some elements (formulas) from working for debugging reasons. Now to do that I have to delete these parts. Am I missing something, is there w way to do that?

I've updraded to 2022.1.4.84 last night and today I noticed that the OCR Verfication step looks now just like other forms - there is no pdf display on the right. In 2022.1.2.59 just yesterday everything worked. Am I missing some change in the machanics? UPDATE: It seems that documents that passed through OCR before Webcon update display properly in the OCR Verification step (with the preview and yellow hihglights). Only the ones added after the update display as if there was no OCR at all. T (...)

Hi, I'm trying to update an existing instance or create a new instance with REST API. I'm using api version 3.0 and Postman. I want to put data to choice field, but I know only name from data source. It's possible at all? I tried to put a value in two ways: "formFields": [ { "guid": "c2e37260-5d57-410e-997c-1f19bb12a4c0", "svalue": "USD" } ] System always trying to fit value "USD" to Id, but ID is different, (...)


Hi, I have encountered a strange problem in version 2022.1.4.84 - previously in 2021 it worked fine, and the configuration was not changed. I am using actions for Sharepoint Online - add/edit/delete list elements, and none of these actions work if triggered by timeout - error "The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.". Going through the same path/action manually doesn't cause an error, and the Sharepoint action is executed correctly. Please verify :)

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