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Hello! I'm currently implementing a workflow where I first create a Word document with form fields, initiating with the 'Start editing a file using OneDrive' action. This allows me to access and edit the Word file directly from my OneDrive folder, and everything works perfectly at this stage. However, I encounter a problem in the subsequent step of my workflow. After making modifications to the Word document, I aim to generate a PDF from the updated file. I am using the 'Finish editing a f (...)

Hello all, I'm trying to copy the HTML code from the company's sharepoint for the News page. I've tried many ways but the layout changes when I try to add it in the dashboard and even trying to select the margins, it doesn't fit in the page, like I just want to check the first 5 news and get a scroll. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but do you have any ideas? Thank you

Do you have any experience using up to a few thousands bps groups? Do they affect system performance? Thanks Kuba

Hello Experts We have a html template with our logo in it as an image tag. When we create a PDF from the template the logo is not displayed in the PDF. In the html template itself the image is displayed. We also tried to insert the logo directly in the Generate PDF action in the tab Appearance => Show header => Html: It's the same here. The only thing that is displayed in the PDF is the alternative Text for the image but not the image itself. The logo is located as file in a template process (...)

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National Bank of Poland (NBP) currency exchange rates

The current way in which The National Bank of Poland (NBP) shares its currency exchange rates (via Excel files) is changing after 29 February 2024. After this date, the only way to obtain exchange rates from NBP will be through their API. The newest versions of WEBCON BPS 2022 and 2023 account for this, and to continue loading exchange rates, you will need to update to version 2022.1.4.404 and 2023.1.3.76 respectively.

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License Activation Service

The License Activation Service (LAS) is a new tool for offline activation of WEBCON BPS licenses. Read this article to learn about its features and capabilities.

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Platform Compatibility Roadmap

Take a look at the compatibility changes planned in the upcoming 2024 version of the WEBCON BPS platform.

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WEBCON BPS latest version

Current build: 2023.1.3.169

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