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Hello, ho can You install Webcon BPS add-in for word on a computer without Internet Explorer i.e Windows 11 ?

Hello all, I have a process that would require the automatic start of workflows in webcon. The format of the email content is text and a table however I can change it to be fields only. I have everything set up but I'm only able to copy the content into a text field but I need to have the information as an item list. Does anyone tried to do this? How can you pick up the text field and work it somehow to have columns and the information as rows? Hope anyone has ideas! Thank you

I am using the free version with a limit of 10GB. Recently I received a message - Failed to execute 'setitem' on Storage: Setting the value of 'ExpandFormButtonLogID' exceeded the quota. I checked and the base was 9600MB. I did a shring database and reduced it to 4500MB. Today, I have the same error with a 4600MB database. Is this the end of working with the free version?

Hi, here is another task I need your help to get it completed: 1) Scenario A hot mailbox creates a new instance within the process and from there WEBCON BPS sends an email out. The user replies to this second email and the hotmailbox has been configured to add this reply into the original instance as attachment. This is done by adding the instance ID into the mail body and works without issues. 2) Request The body of the second email, the reply of the user, shall be added into a multi (...)

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