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I have a problem probably with permiossion for autoresponder. I used a action autoresponder with MS Graph. Wystąpił błąd wykonania akcji autoresponder na ścieżce. (Krok: Start, ścieżka: Autoodpowiedź) One or more errors occurred. (Code: InvalidScheduledOofDuration Message: The scheduled duration for sending automatic replies isn't valid. ClientRequestId: 9e12806a-64bf-4882-87f4-c831a7710e57 ) Code: InvalidScheduledOofDuration Message: The scheduled duration for sending automatic (...)

Hello, is there a size limit on how much data we can store in webcon dictionary? Couldn't find any info on it. Thank you for your help!

W designer studio chcę włączyć 'Obsługę modyfikowania obiektów w Active Directory'. Czy serwer, na którym jest zainstalowany designer studio musi być w mojej domenie? Przy próbie zapisu otrzymuje błąd dotyczący loginu i hasła, pomimo tego że są one poprawne.

Hi, I've inserted a line chart to my form. It gets data from database (4 columns). 2 columns are presented on a chart as data series. Sometimes there are nulls in one of the columns. Then Webcon interpreters it as 0. Do you know any countermeasures to it? If there is a null value from the database, then it shouldn't show that line at the given point in time. I attach a photo of that such graph with nulls as zeros. Would be grategul for your help.

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National Bank of Poland (NBP) currency exchange rates

The current way in which The National Bank of Poland (NBP) shares its currency exchange rates (via Excel files) is changing after 29 February 2024. After this date, the only way to obtain exchange rates from NBP will be through their API. The newest versions of WEBCON BPS 2022 and 2023 account for this, and to continue loading exchange rates, you will need to update to version 2022.1.4.404 and 2023.1.3.76 respectively.

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License Activation Service

The License Activation Service (LAS) is a new tool for offline activation of WEBCON BPS licenses. Read this article to learn about its features and capabilities.

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Platform Compatibility Roadmap

Take a look at the compatibility changes planned in the upcoming 2024 version of the WEBCON BPS platform.

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WEBCON BPS latest version

Current build: 2023.1.3.202

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