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Hello, I'm trying to update (preferred) or add a new attachment from a custom SDK action but have been unable to do so. The action reads the contents of a word attachment and makes changes to the content and should then update the attachment. Reading the attachment works fine but updating or adding a new one does not seem to work. Is there any complete and working sample code for updating/adding attachments from a custom SDK action available? thanks!

Hi everyone, I've been trying to establish a connection to a SOAP API, action seems to be configured the right way (it only tries to connect and log in). When I run path with the action, the error is displayed in Polish "Wystąpił wewnętrzny problem wywołania webserwisu. Szczegóły błędu zostały zapisane w logu." (Internal webservice error. Details have been written in the log). Well... the problem is I can't figure out what log? Not in the WFActionExecutions table as I checked there, so where? C (...)


Hello everyone, I was wondering... Is there a way to start workflows by an external API without the need to exchange the token first? I'm asking the question because I'm exploring the possibilities offered by using a service as MailGun. They can parse the incoming email message and post the parsed information in form of JSON to a URL. The issue I'm having is I can only configure a URL to which the send a POST command with parsed JSON. There is no way to send the first authorization request (...)

Hello again, feeling a little bit like a newbie, i have another problem with ItemLists. I am playing around building a KANBAN Board with WEBCON. Therefore i would like to move ItemList-rows between my six ItemLists (Backlog, To-Do-List, In Progress, Test, Done, Blocked). After copying the row information to the new ItemList, i would like to _delete_ the old row(s) e.g. on the "UPDATE"-Path. HOW can I do that? I didn't find any information - except the "DET_IsDeleted" flag. I'm kind (...)

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