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Hello everyone, I have a pretty workflow intense process (at least for me) - from main document i can start up to 5 subworkflows per subworkflow type (right now around 5). It sums up around possible 25 subworkflows, and none of those are technical. To avoid missing information, and digging through all of those elements we've decided, that commenting should be only possible on parent workflow, and this solves almost all problems. We'd like to present those comments from parent workflow, o (...)

Hello, Recently I tried the new action "Clear Item List" and its working well, except when you import from one environment to another. After the import I checked the configuration of this action and there was no item list selected. I did this import twice, after I changed the configuration manually and same issue. So in case you want to use this action, please don't forget to check the configuration after each import. Have a great day! version: 2023.1.3.29

I have got problem (I don't see option / feature) Problems: a) Item list row no ... is not related with row ... :/ - solution >> on path (I don't need earlier) add extra column with index no to "fix" (create relation) the row no. [semi solution] any other solution? b) sorting by status: I have got Item List with column "status" (drop down list) I have 3 option to pick: - choice field (the fastest) - I would like to use that option - how to copy value to other cell in row? - choice (...)

Hello, I have a question regarding: Global action -> On start (cyclical). If I create an automation that runs every minute (infinitely) - for example: syncing users from another external database to the local BPS groups. From your experience, do you see any concerns or risks? Are these runs saved to a table in the database? Thanks.

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