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Hello It's my firs question, so please dont "eat" me at the start :) In our workflow we assing form to specifich worker. Workers are assingned first by AD groups (which decide if they can acces webcon or not) and than by specific BPS groups. Problem arise, whet person to whom job is assingned stops working. He's automaticli removed from AD and any atempt to move proces is an error. We circumvent that by adding field: Owner, and using it as source of job assigment. This way if such situat (...)

Hi! We have a business request to save email in instance we have just sent out with Webcon action. I know some workarounds: - show some details from wfmails table - create hotmailbox and process cc-d email But I do not like them. I have not tried, but maybe with msgraph api it is solvable. Does anyone have a good solution to save sent email in msg/eml file as attachment? Thanks! BR Peter

Hi, is there a way to make the description required in case a specific category is picked for that document? Pretty much what I'm saying is that if an user is trying to add an attachment and they choose OTHER for its category, to make them complete its description as well. Thnak youuu.

hello, I need to migrate local groups from production to dev environment, do you know database table or do you have sql that will show me all local grups, even empty one ? thanks in advance.

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