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Invoke REST Web Service and application/json

Hi all!

I am really struggling with this action.

I am trying to send JSON data to a REST web service.

JSON string is generated by a business rule, which contains a JSON Query (FOR JSON). Testing this business rule works fine, also umlauts are shown.

My configuration in request body is body type: Binary, which is the only way to send dynamic JSON data.

Somehow my encoding (which should be UTF-8) gets lost.

I am sending Content-Type:application/json in binary part headers, my assumption is that this header is not sent at all, also History in Admin mode does not show this header.

What am I doing wrong here or is it a bug?

Thanks a lot in advance & best regards, Nik

P.S.: Sending data from POSTMAN to my REST service works fine

In reply to: Daniel Krüger (Cosmo Consult)

Hi Nik,

did you use a proxy to verify, what kind of headers are sent?
For example you could make use of httptoolkit:

I haven't used the REST web service with a dynamic body.

Best regards,

Hi Daniel!

A workaround for me was, to store JSON data in a multiline form field (JSON data is generated by a business rule with SQL integration).

Then I am using this field as JSON part value with Body type: JSON and everything works like a charm.

Must be a problem with binary data, but I didn't analyze this further.

Best regards, Nik