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Finding an error using the Error-ID

Hello everyone,

How can I find out more information about the cause using an error ID? Where can I enter the ID in the Designer Studio to get to the form field that is causing the error?

I tried to adapt a data source to a "data table" form field because not all existing values ​​were displayed.
Now I always get the error "Failed with an unknown exception Error ID: 6f351188-04d9-4049-bd2b-d3da66c64976"
Unfortunately the error code doesn't help me understand what exactly happened...

Many thanks in advance.

In reply to: Raluca-Mirabela Lupu

In the Design Studio, you can check the GUID in the 'Tasks' tab by selecting 'Administration Tools'.
I have highlighted it in the attached picture.
You can also find the information in the WFActionExecutions table. SQL script:

SELECT * FROM WFActionExecutions Where LOG_ACTID ="


Thank you for your help. I was able to identify a missing filter condition with this. A column that the filter was referring to was probably deleted somehow. Now I no longer have any error messages and I just have to redesign the filter so that the table only shows the associated entries that I want.

Thanks again.