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Hotmailbox issue


I've developed a process (start - finish).
In the System Settings, I've configured a HotMailbox using Microsoft Graph, specifying a user mailbox, and the connection is OK.

The issue I'm encountering is that 90% of emails are returning a validation error and the workflow is not starting and e-mails are not moved to the ERROR folder either.
For other emails, it has moved them to the Error folder and i dont understand why.
And just for 10% it worked fine - starting new workflow instance and moving them to the "Archive".
I've attached the configuration.


Could you assist? Thank you.


Hi AndreeLi,

I see that all the fields are configured as Single Line of Text (AttText) - on database level it means, they can not exceed 255 characters.
I'd check if Content of the email doesn't exceed it, maybe try using Multiple Lines of Text attribute?

There is also mode for more than 1 attachment -> Error configured. Sometimes some images inserted into email are treated as attachments, so i'd check that too.