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Generate an Excel from an Itemlist

Hi guys,
i just have another question...

we need to create an Excel file from an item list. Basically, this works well using an appropriate Excel template. However, I have fields in the item list that are filled from a fixed value list and the action then creates an entry in the column in the format [ID#Name]. But I only want to see [Name].

What am I doing wrong?



It seems to me that the standard action to generate excel from a list of items does not have the option to select the 'Name Only' option for an attribute type choose.
What you can do for this scenario is to add to the list technical columns ex. sql row, to the list where the name will fall and map these columns to the excel table.
You can also create a technical list and update it on record with the data from the head list, Properly formatted , that is, only the names and the list has only a text field.


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If you use the "generate file and excel" action, you can map the corresponding field for each column in the template.
You can choose from the chocefield what to display.
Another option is you can set "allow export excel" at the item list level.
You can try to create column type "data row" in itemlist, or you create sdk for generate excel with data sources sql.



thanks for all your answers and iteas. The"allow export excel" will not work, because i have to generate the excel automatically and then send it to our customer, depending on a path in the Workflow. Also it seems that i can not map the corresponding excel field for each column in the template because i do not know how much rows i have in the itemlist - or is there a way to use e.g. asterix to use a dynamic way for the targetfields in excel. i'll try that.

The "best" way seems to be, that i use some technical fields or a technical list which i then can map to the excel.