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Examples of using REST API
  16.01.2023 12:03

Could pass example how to add attachment and post action in post action?
I can create case via post, add values to attribiutes but when I added a part with attachment and comment, it does not work.

It works only when i use patch method. I have BPS version: 2021.1.5.307

part Example of my code bellow:
"comments": {
"newComment": "TEST"
"attachments": [
"content": "VEVTVA==",
"name": "Nowy dokument tekstowy.txt",
"description": ""

Mass actions in reports
  05.12.2021 12:42
Nice article Thanks!.
In mass action, is it possible to move the selected instances (grouped) to a new Instance?
Like students instances linked to ClassRoom or employees linked to a company. Thanks in Advance
The Picture form field
  27.02.2021 03:10

Is it possible to transform graph field (data presentation) into a picture field to be used in word documents generation process?

Best regards,

Is there a way to (meaningfully) use Rich Text Fields from a Workflow in Word Templates? I figuered out that formatted text is only incorparated without the formatting, but with the "control marks", e.g. <p>Sample Text</p>